Exclusive Interview: Troy McLawhorn x Evanescence France (EN)

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For the release of the new album « The Bitter Truth » Evanescence-France had the chance to chat with the band members via Zoom. This interview with Troy McLawhorn was made on march 16.

[We started the interview some difficulties. There were big connection problems. Indeed, Troy was not at home. He explains why later]

Hi Troy! 

My name is Cindy, and this is Maïda from the website Evanescence-France

To begin: 

How are you? How’s your family?

I’m doing pretty well. My family, my wife and my son are fine. I’m in North Carolina right now because my dad is sick, he’s in the hospital so I’ve been close to my family, but I think I’m going to be okay now.

Hopefully [fingers crossed]

You joined the band in 2007. What do you think about the person you were at that time? And how are you different now, in 2021 ? 

How am I different today? I don’t know. I think I know Amy a lot better now. You know this year will be 14 years since I joined the band. It’s been a great long time, and I’m more comfortable so I think compared to the early days, when you’re the new guy, trying to figure out how things work. Yeah, I guess I’m much more comfortable.

Let’s talk about the new album « The Bitter Truth »:

How did you live the process of the album with the pandemic?

It was very difficult. It took a long time to get everyone to Nashville. Unfortunately Jen couldn’t be here because she was [and still is] in Germany. There were no flights anywhere. Tim and Will came to Nashville on the tour bus. We all got tested before we got together. We were in our own bubble in the studio. We’d go to work every day and then go home and rest. We tried to stay clear-headed about what we were doing. It was good in a way because there were no distractions. We were all focused on what we were doing. It was nice too because I felt a little normal working with everything that was going on. Being together and creating music was a good feeling.

Which song are you the proudest of ? Which one are you most excited to play live?

Everyone asks me that question. I can’t pick one. I’m proud of the whole album. It’s really cool. I’m glad « Better Without You » is a single, it’s a good song. It’s a pretty heavy album for Evanescence, and I’m excited to play them all live. It’s going to be fun, I can’t wait. I can play any song live, I think they’re cool, and I can’t wait.

We can’t wait either!


What can we expect from the band after the release of the album?

We’ll do what we can. We’re gonna do virtual concerts. We’re going to release the video for Better Without You. I’m actually driving to Minneapolis next week to join the shoot. I didn’t want to fly so I rented a car to get there.

We’re going to do a few things online, until we can get back to playing shows. 

We’re going to release a making of documentary of the album very soon as well.

We can’t wait to see that!

I think the fans are going to love it, it’s really cool. I watched some footage just a few days ago.

A tour with Within Temptation is scheduled next September, do you think that other gigs will be planned in France, in smaller towns than Paris?

Of course! I don’t know what the future holds, but we do as many places as we can when we get the chance. For us it makes a little bit more sense to do the essential places, because the fans, or most of them, can come to us. When we’re on tour, we try to do as many places as possible, and that’s why we don’t spend a lot of time in different countries. But in general we do festivals, we played in several cities in France in the past. But now with the pandemic, I don’t know what it will be like.

Do you have any upcoming solo projects? Can you tell us more about it?

Not especially no. I’m not working on anything right now. I’m just doing recording sessions in the studio with other people who have music projects, it keeps me busy while everything is down. But no I don’t have a project right now, there are no places to play [laughs].

Theater/Cinema are closed. Gigs/tours are cancelled. As a musician how do you feel about the last year?

I think it sucks [laughs]. I think we’re all the same, it’s changed everyone’s life. For us musicians, not being able to play live is terrible. That’s how you normally start out, playing live. You can make albums, videos, virtual concerts, but it doesn’t replace the real shows. Being in a room with a lot of people, sweating, being in the dressing room and listening to the songs. It’s totally different, so yeah it sucks.

With the pandemic, have you tried or started anything new?

I spent most of my time doing things around my house. Things that I don’t necessarily have time to do normally, that I put aside because I was busy with music. I painted, I finished my pool deck, I planted trees, I remodeled my studio. Those were my hobbies, I like to do that kind of stuff.

Do you have something that you always take on tour?

Clothes [laughs] a suitcase, a toothbrush [laughs] 

Let’s see, something I always take [he is thinking], yeah I always take portable bluetooth speakers. I always have at least two. We listen to a lot of music when we’re getting ready, we get in the mood. That’s what I always take on tour.

Do you think it’s possible to have a special anniversary tour for the 20 years of Fallen?

Is it possible… [thinking] When is it exactly? I don’t even know.

It’s in two years, in 2023

I want to say it’s possible. 

It’s an idea like that, why not?

Yes, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible, unless by then we haven’t returned to normal life.

Yes, we hope so

Yes, it sucks

Amy’s nicknamed is « Snow White ». So I asked her in 2011 which dwarf your personality was the most like. At that time she answered « Sneezy ». Do you agree with her?

I guess, I don’t know why I’m Sneezy. I think she should have said I was a Sleepy. 

Really why?


Yes they often make fun of me because after dinner on tour I often go to the dressing room to take a nap and they always take pictures of me sleeping.

Yes, I think we’ve seen pictures like that on social media

Yeah [laughs]

What’s the last series or movie you watched?

Before leaving to join my sister, my wife, my son and I watched « Stranger Things » again because we love this show, it is great.

What’s your dream collaboration with the band?

I think it would be cool to collaborate with Nine Inch Nails.

To finish, do you have some words for you french fans from Evanescence-France?

Of course, we love you very much and we look forward to seeing you again. I hope we can tour your place soon.

Thank you so much Troy for your time

You’re welcome girls, have a great day

Thanks to you too