La femme de Tim a publié un message suite à la tragédie qui s’est produit

par | Fév 12, 2020 | Actualités | 0 commentaires


Rather than individually answer the texts/messages/calls I receive checking on me, I’ll leave this here. For those people, or those who are curious but don’t know what to say to me. And, I get it… I wouldn’t know what to say to me me either…

When I would see tragic posts or things happen in the media my heart always ached so much for the people involved that I would get anxiety. I had to look away. I had to hide posts of loss because, for some reason, it was too much to imagine that level of pain.

Now that I’m going through it I know, as an outsider to tragedies, everyone is wondering how I am doing. They can’t imagine my pain. I can’t imagine my pain… I cannot describe my pain…… Plus